Eco-tech, innovation and the laws of nature.

Our visions
We believe in making products that makes the world better and more green.  One of our missions is to make the worlds most water saving toilets. With advanced design on the inside, but that still looks and feels like a toilet should on the outside.  All of our products is designed to achieve highest possible comfort and hygiene,  to be easy to use and install, and to follow the ecology in every step of the process. 

The products
Our toilets are designed to use natural resources in the most gentle and effective manner, while being logical to use and care for. We also think that the "alternative" toilets should feel like "regular" toilets and have the same hygiene standards. Therefore, we only make toilets of real porcelain. We call them "smart" toilets. Smart because they are more efficient, water-saving and environmentally friendly than other so-called alternative or "eco" - toilets. Wostman Ecology is the Swedish toilet and eco tech company in Stockholm, Sweden, founded in 1991. For us the ambition is to lead the development of water-saving and really eco-friendly toilets.

The company
Wostman Ecology AB is the  Swedish environmental engineering company that develops and manufactures eco- toilets and modern sanitation solutions. We are leading in "alternative" toilets, who allows the use of real porcelain toilets where it is otherwise not possible.

All our products have 3 focus areas:

  • Maximum comfort and hygiene.
  • Simple and logical to use and install.
  • Maximum ecology in every aspect.

Examples of products are water toilets operated by vacuum, products for waste watewater treatment, phosphorus binding wells and binding materials for the treatment of phosphorus in small drains. The headquarter is in Saltsjö-Boo, near Stockholm city, Sweden, where the R&D department is located and also some assembly. Production takes place at various locations in Sweden and China. Mainly the porcelain is manufactured in China, and the rest of components and installation of toilets are made n Sweden. Wostman has about 7 people hires full time , as well as some dedicated individuals abroad and in Sweden . We have distributors worldwide and has been featured in eco- projects in Australia , South America, Africa and more. We export continuously to countries such as Norway, Finland, Denmark, USA, Japan, Australia, France, and others.

Wostman owns the patent on EcoVac® FAMILY - a unique vacuum motor that is used primarily for vacuum flush toilets in the vacuum segment , and Control -P™, a material used to purify wastewater of phosphorus and bacteria. More to read in Swedish here > Certifieringar och Patent

Company facts

Organisation number Sweden: 556451-8701
VAT nr: SE5564518701