"The only dry toilet that makes it feel like home!"


EcoDry dry toilet raises the standard in the summer house to feel like home. A modern ceramic toilet that is designed to be as convenient and hygienic as possible and take advantage of the full cycle. A durable design that remains fresh even after many years of use. EcoDry is the obvious choice for those who need a fresh and modern eco-toilet!

EcoDry 5.250 SEK
EcoDry + BOX 7.900 SEK

Dry porcelain toilet - Urine separating - Odorless -
Small flush possible in the urine bowl - Dry faeces makes handling easy

The true eco-toilet for convenient recycling!

  • The urine is separated from faeces
    Urine separation makes it possible to get a completely odorless waste, and to use the urine as fertilizer.
  • Faeces are collected in a container below the floor
    The fecal matter falls into a container, where it is evaporated and dried out. A fan in the container vessel is highly recommended for a completely dry waste, and for bacteria and viruses to be eliminated. A barrel of 80-100 liters takes about 3 months to be filled (normal family). When the barrel is full the faeces are usually very dry and weighs only 10-20 kilograms. The barrel should be ventilated.
  • Flushing is possible if the connection is
    If you have access to water - flushing in the urine bowl is possible. If not, use a cup of water to rinse.

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"Get a real porcelain toilet that keeps fresh for many years! The perfect upgrade from an outhouse or plastic toilet that is easily worn out."