EcoFlush is the toilet that feels like a normal toilet, but which uses extremely low flush volumes! WithIt has a double flushing function and a urine bowl in front of the toilet. That makes it possible to save 80% water. EcoFlush is primarily used for septic tanks, areas where you need to save on water and ecological houses or projects.

  • Saves 80% water
  • 1 liter / flush (average per 24 hour)
  • Standard 110 mm outlet 
  • Urine diverting
  • Separate or combined outlet

5.800 SEK
(adapter for comined outlet not included,
(RSK 3106664)


A classic WC - that uses 80% less water!

A standard toilet usually use about 6-10 liters of water per flush. A large and unnecessary amount of water which is usually completely unnecessary. EcoFlush is based on a modern european toilet, but has a unique design of the tank and the internal ceramic bowl, which makes it possible to save 80-90% water. The double flush mechanism uses 0.3 and 2.5 liters (small / large). That gives an average of less than 1 liter per flush! Water-saving per person is about 30-40 liters per day!


Flush only where it´s needed.

The average person does about 6 toilet visits per day, whereas only one of them is the faeces and five of them is urine. To only rinse clean the urine requires very little water - therefore the smartest way to flush is to focus the water and not flush the entire bowl with water. Since EcoFlush separates urine, it requires even less water to clean. The small flushing in the front urine bowl smoothly flows over the edge to the big bowl. It is important that the water washes over the edge for maximum hygiene. Since the average usage per person is five flushes of 0.3 l and one 2.5-liter,  the average per actual flush is about 1 liter. Revolutionary low volumes in a modern toilet design! 

Combined outlet with an adapter on the toilets outlet.  

Separate urine outlet.