EcoVac® is the smart vacuum toilet that makes it possible to have a water toilet where it is otherwise not possible. Perfect for septic tanks that require a low-flush toilet, or areas with restrictions of water use. The EcoVac uses 90% less water than a classic toilet and uses extremely low energy, approximately 10 kwh per year. 

EcoVac BASIC     19.225 SEK
EcoVac FAMILY   24.530 SEK
(septic tank not included)


● Extremely low-flushing 0.6 liters ● Vacuum toilet with water flushing ● A 3000 liter septic tank is emptied about 1 time per year! ● Unique vacuum system

"It feels just like a regular toilet!"

EcoVac® vacuum toilet is used just like a regular toilet - but uses extremely little flushing water. When the toilet is flushed, the waste is transported all the way to the tank directly. Since the sewers always are empty and that the transport is by air - the extremely low flush volumes are possible. EcoVac® uses around 0.6 liters, which is 90% less than standard toilets (6-10 liters). The patented vacuum unit FAMILY® is used only for a few seconds during flushing, and is therefore extremely energy efficient with about 10 kWh energy per year. There will be approximately 1$ in operating costs per year!

Flush volumes on standard toilets compared to EcoVac

"The unique EcoVac system is like a mix of an airplane toilet and a conventional water-flush WC. With the patented vacuum motor FAMILY the waste flushes out to the container in seconds. The toilet system consumes extremely little minimal amount of water (0.6 L), extremely little energy and with the feel of an ordinary toilet!"