The smart water-saving Eco-toilets from Wostman.

Our Eco-toilets are the modern low flush toilets for villas and holiday homes. The Eco-toilets uses up to 90% less water than standard toilets and up to 80% less water than standard "low flush" toilets. Now you have the opportunity to use a real porcelain toilet wherever you are!



The porcelain toilet for the holiday home!

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The low-flush WC that saves 80% water!

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The vacuum-WC that saves 90% water!

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We make water toilets possible everywhere!

Extremely low-flushing toilets below 1 liter - Toilets for septic tanks - Toilet for cottages - Toilets for eco villages - Urine diverting toilets - Organic toilets - Dry toilets - Vacuum toilets