Troubleshooting EcoDry

The toilet doesn´t flush

  1. The battery may be dead. Try to change the 9V battery behind the toilet. 

  2. Check water supply. Is the water turned on? Do you need to turn the stopcock open? (Should be closed winter time) 

  3. Check the wiring between the flush button and battery

  4. Check the solenoid valve (the womb of flushing). Hold it while you press the flush button. If it clicks, the solenoid is working, otherwise you need to replace the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve may have frozen or is broken after a number of years. Flush is operated by a solenoid valve behind the toilet. It is easy to replace with a new one.

Is the flushing poorly?

  1. Check the water filter (the filter basket) in the solenoid. > First turn off the water (turn the ballofix / stopcock). > Remove the flexi hose. > Pull out the filter basket inside the solenoid valves low side. Clean the filter and flush and insert it again. 

  2. Check the flush hose (black hose inside the porcelain rim) so that the small holes isn´t clogged. > You can remove the flush hose and widen the existing holes, about 22st with eg a pointed toothpick.

Stop in urine drains or water flows out slowly?

The urine pipe can be clogged - either if an object is stuck or if flushing has not been done enough. It is important to maintain the urine drains through to wash down hot water periodically. If water comes out slowly, the sewage pipe can be on the way to clogged again. Urine easily forms bearings on the inside of the urine tube with time. 

Older model 2013 and earlier

  1. Try to stick down a long object and clear (not anything sharp that can damage sewer hose is made of rubber). 
  2. Flush short and intense with hot water several times and see if something happens.


Newer model 2014 and later

  1. Lift the lid to the water trap (chrome cover in the urine bowl). 

  2. Try to stick down a long object (not anything sharp that can damage sewer hose is made of rubber). 

  3. Connect a water hose and place it in the urine pipe and flush hard several times.

Bad smell

Odors are coming from the waste container

  1. Check if the fan on the container is stopped. A fan should be mounted on the waste container and vent the air up and above the roof. 

  2. Check that the vent pipe is installed correctly. 

  3. Make sure the waste container is dry, and that the waste is not likely to become damp or get wet.

  4. Could it have come urine in the fecal container or wet waste for any other reason?

It smells of urine 

EcoDry (from 2014) have a water trap that will make it impossible for urine odor to get to the toilet.

Older model 2013 and earlier

  1. Ensure that a urine drainage is installed, with sealed connections down to the urine container. 

  2. Lift up the water trap, and check if there is any blockage in the urinary drain. To test, try sticking a hose in the urine drain and flush short and intense with hot water several times and see if something happens

Newer model 2014 and later

Toilet seat

The two white rubber gaskets supplied with the mounting kit should sit on top of the porcelain to prevent lateral displacement. Also make sure the screws on the bottom is tightened.

Water on the floor

Leakage from the solenoid valve or flush hose. 
> Use a mirror on the wall behind the toilet and shine a flashlight to see if it can leak there. 

Leakage of urine tube. 
> Hole may have occurred in the urine hose or if the hose has come off the porcelain, for example if someone has blocked down a sharp object or similar.