- The revolutionary “low-flush-toilet” that uses less than 1 L water!


A genuine water toilet - which saves up to 90% water!

The extremely “low-flushing WC" who saves up to 90% water!
Fewer drains of your septic tank!
Can flush below 1 liter in average flush volume!
Separate or combined outlet!
Approved and recommended by most municipals as ultra-low-flush WC!

From 465 EUR (excl. VAT)


The dual-flush WC with unique design and function.

EcoFlush has a unique design that divides the waste to be able to flush less water when urinating.

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Cut your expenses drastically with EcoFlush

One of the main features for choosing the EcoFlush is that it cuts your expenses on septic tank drains (if you are using one) by more than 10 times in just a year. By switching to an EcoFlush from your old Standard WC is not just very good for the environment - it’s also very economical and your return on investment should be easily made in the first 3-6 months. EcoFlush is the only easy way to drastically lower your toilet water consumption and will cut your expenses on both water savings and fewer drains of your septic tank.


A unique diverting WC or just an extremely low-flush WC.

Many eco villages and eco projects use the EcoFlush to collect the urine to use as fertilizer. But most use it as the unique water saving WC it is. With our WC-adapter you an easily retrofit it to you 110 outlet in your bathroom just like any other toilet.

The EcoFlush is very Economical and extremely Ecological. A revolutionary design that saves enormous amount of water. Priced as a regular toilet...

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EcoFlush is the most sold urine separating WC. With 10.000+ satisfied customers. 


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