- the porcelain toilet for the holiday home. 


The perfect toilet for the cottage to feel like home.

Dry toilet in ceramic
Used with our without water or electricity!
Urine diverting
Odor free
Flush in the urine bowl (optional)
Dry waste that makes it really smooth to handle

From 455 EUR (excl. VAT)


Wherever you live, you can have genuine porcelain toilet.

EcoDry™ toilet raises the standard in the holiday house to make it feel like home. A modern ceramic toilet that is designed to be as convenient and hygienic as possible. A durable design that remains fresh even after many years of use. EcoDry is the obvious choice for those who need a fresh and modern eco-toilet!

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A more luxurious toilet for the cottage or holiday home!
An extremely eco-friendly toilet. No chemicals. Full recycling.
The comfortable alternative that anyone can use all the time!
The far better choice instead of incineration toilets, outhouses, freeze toilets and composting toilets...

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Get yourself a genuine ceramic toilet that stays fresh for many years! The perfect upgrade from an old outhouse or plastic toilet that easily gets worn out...

Common questions:

"On islands, in the woods and on the country side. EcoDry dry toilet fits in all kinds of houses and cottages..."