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The new EcoVac™
- The vacuum WC with water flush

– Unique vacuum toilet with water flush.
– Saves more than 90% water
– Makes it possible with a real WC everywhere!
– Used a septic tanke or a bio-collector.
– Consumes about 0,6 L / flush!
– Recommended by most municipalities.
– Available as standard or urine separating WC.

From 1750 EUR (excl. VAT)


- The "ultra-low-flush" WC

– Ultra-low-flush WC with unique design!
– Saves up to 90% water!
– Perfect for septic tanks.
– Works on any 110mm outlet.
– Flushes below 1 liter in average!
– Recommended by most municipalities.
– Save money with fewer emptying intervals.
– Choose urine separation or combined outlet.

From 465 EUR (excl. VAT)


- The porcelain toilet for cottages!

– Most comfortable toilet for cottages!
– Replaces all outhouses, plastic toilets, and so on.
– No need of water, electricity or drains.
– Real ceramic bowl that stays fresh for decades.
– No need of approval.
– Works with many kinds of containers.

From 455 EUR (excl. VAT)

The smart water-saving Eco-toilets from Wostman Ecology.

Our Eco-toilets are the modern low flush toilets for villas and holiday homes. The Eco-toilets uses up to 90% less water than standard toilets and up to 80% less water than standard "low flush" toilets. Now you have the opportunity to use a real porcelain toilet wherever you are!

  • Extremely low-flushing toilets below 1 liter (0,25 gal)

  • Toilets for septic tanks

  • Toilet for cottages with or without water

  • Toilets for eco villages

  • Urine diverting toilets

  • Organic toilets

  • Dry toilets

  • Vacuum toilets

Features with the Eco-toilets. 

  • All the Eco-toilets are "ultra-low-flush" which means below 1 liter in direct or average flush volumes. 

  • The Eco-toilets are made of entirely of ceramic. No plastic or other material. Real ceramic is the real deal when it comes to sanitation.

  • The Eco-toilets come both as standard WC and urine separating WC. 

  • The toilets can be used to many kinds of septic tanks, containers and organic collectors. 

  • EcoFlush can easily be used in houses that needs to save water in the regular  

We make water toilets possible everywhere!