How to buy an Eco-toilet

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Huge online store network in construction, goods, home and garden. Since the launch of in Sweden in 2006, the company has quickly grown into a construction goods store with 12 online stores and 9 stores in the Nordic region.
Great online store with a huge catalogue of products. Knows the Eco-toilets very well. Sells mainly in Sweden and Europe. Physical stores in Västerås and Stockholm, Sweden. Speaks Swedish, English, French. Always carry stock of the Eco-toilets.

Hyttetorget has the best stores and products in Norway for everything to cottages. About 10 physical stores in Norway and a great online store. Always carry stock of the Eco-toilets. The product names in Norway are Vera (EcoDry), Aqua Green Vakumtoalett (EcoVac), and EcoFlush.

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  • If you don't know how to buy the Eco-toilets, you are welcome to send inquiries to or call +46 8 7151320 open Monday - Friday 13.00-16.00 Swedish time.

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