What is an Eco-toilet?
A toilet that combines classic design with ultra-low-flush capabilities. Revolutionary toilets that saves enormous volumes of water everywhere.


Low-flushing toilets

The Eco-toilets are world-leading in low-flushing toilets that minimizes the consumption of water. By using an Eco-toilet you can save up to 95% in water, which is can be measured in up to 2000 Liters (525 gallons) per week for a normal family household.  

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Vacuum toilets

With a vacuum toilet you can have the same flush toilet experience as home wherever you want. A geunine ceramic water flush toilet is unbeatable in comfort and hygiene. And with a vacuum turbine you can achieve extremely low flush volume.

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Urine diverting toilets

With an urine diverting toilet you can either save a lot of water or you can also choose to separate the urine to a separate sewage or septic tank. For treatment or to use as fertilizer. The Eco-toilets are world-leading in urine diverting and has been refined for 25 years.

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Urine diverting toilet for hospitals

The EcoFlush toilet is a water toilet with front urine bowl with can divert the urin to a separate outlet. That makes it perfect for the healthcare sector and in hospitals that needs to separate the urine from patients what has gone trough chemotheraphy and other treatments. EcoFlush has been sold to differente medicare companies around the world.
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Toilets for islands and the archipelagos

Do you want a ceramic toilet for your house or cottage? The Eco-toilets are the go-to choice for every coastal or rural area. The Eco-toilets are all perfect for the archipelago and sensitive areas where low-flush toilets must be used. With or without electricity or access to water, we have the smartest solution for you.

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Dry toilets of ceramic

With or without water or electricity you can own a genuine ceramic toilet that will last for decades. The EcoDry is the smartest and most sustainable dry toilet for holiday homes on the market. Forget about toilets of plastics, about outhouse and materials that doesn’t last. Choose EcoDry!

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We believe in smart and water-efficient products made to last a long time. We want to invent world-leading toilets in water saving and urine diverting.