The true eco-toilet with convenient recycling!

The urine is separated from the feces
Urine separation makes it possible to get completely odorless waste and to use the urine as fertilizer.

Feces are collected in a container below the floor
The fecal matter falls into a container, where it is partially dried out. A fan on the container is highly recommended for a completely dodorless waste, and for bacteria and viruses to be eliminated. A container of 80-100 liters takes about 3 months to fill up (normal family). When the container is full the feces are usually very dry and weighs only 10-20 kilograms (when using a fan).

Flushing is possible
If you have access to water - flushing in the urine bowl is possible. If not, use a cup of water to rinse the water trap in the urine bowl to avoid urine odor and crystallization in the urine pipe.

Read more about the EcoDry here!

Yes, the EcoDry is very flexible and can be used in many ways.

Optional water connection
There is a standard toilet water connection mounted on the back of the toilet if you have water installed. If not, just use a cup of water to flush in the urine bowl (not the big hole). The built-in water flush is powered with standard batteries

Electricity for the fan
The actual toilet does not need any electricity at all, but we do however recommend that a fan is running on the collection container below the toilet for a fresh and smooth waste a also odorfree experience. 


How to collect and empty the waste with the EcoDry toilet

The urine
The urine flows down the urine outlet to a barrel or container of your choice. In some countries/regions its also allowed to drain the urine on your own land.
When the urine barrel/container is full you can mix it with water and use it as fertilizer, or give it to some farmer.

The feces
Use a waste bag or organic bag to collect the feces in the container. If the feces has been dried out with a fan, it is very dry and easy to pick up. Put in a valid latrine compost and use it later on as soil.


Usually you can install the EcoDry totally by yourself without any permission or application that you normally need for regular toilets. There is however an optional water connection that if used could be necessary to use a plumber for. If you are uncertain check your local regulations.

Yes. EcoDry is the perfect replacement for all types of outhouses, plastic toilets or other solutions and works both summer and winter, and inside or outdoors.

In winter time, if the built-in flush function is installed, make sure to empty the flush hoses to prevent the solenoid valve (flush valve on the back of the toilet) from being freezed.

Yes. The urine diverting design in the Eco toilets is adapted to work for everyone. It may be good to buy a child's seat for your chair if children often use it. On a urine diverting toilet it’s good to remember that it’s best to always sit down.

Yes. EcoDry is a dry toilet with optional water flushing that has a very simple and easy installation. It can usually be mounted by the property owner himself. If the water connection is used, the local regulations apply if the specialist needs to be hired or not.

EcoDry has a very smooth and functional drain. Since everything is handled outdoors, this is perceived as simple and hygienic.

As you choose which collection you want, this depends on the size. We recommend a barrel or container of at least 10 liters.

We recommend a container of at least 80-100 liters. Then it is enough to empty about once per season / every 3 months (normal use in holiday homes). Wostmans “EcoDry BOX” is a very convenient solution for this.