The Low-Flushing Water Conserving Toilets to Efficiently Save Water in Your Home!


- Extremely low-flush toilet with about 0,6 liter per flush!

EcoVac is a fantastic toilet with cutting-edge and unique technology that makes it possible to flush as little as between 0.2-0.6 liters per flush (0,1-0,2 gal). An extremely efficient toilet that makes it possible to get a real toilet experience wherever your home is.


- Ultra-low-flush toilet below 1 liter in average per flush.

EcoFlush is the bestseller that flushes between 0.7 to 0.9 liter per flush (0,25 gal) on average and saves huge amounts of water and economy for villas, property owners, industrial complexes, hotels and eco projects. An incredibly and revolutionary low-flow toilet that saves hundreds of liters against other so-called "low-flushing toilets" by having a front urine flush and a large "regular" flushing.

Flush volumes on the Eco toilets compared to other toilets.

The flush volumes are calculated on an average where each person flushes about 6 times a day, lasts about 1 time for faeces (large flushing) and 5 times for urine (small flushing). Note that it is up to the user to ensure that more flushing water is not used. Wostman's Eco toilets make it possible to use extremely low coil levels when properly used.

EcoFlush saves up to 1378 liters of water per week on a family!

Read more about volumes that can be saved here: Water Saving EcoFlush

All of our toilets are designed to use nature's resources in the most gentle and efficient ways, while being logical to use and take care of. We also think that "alternative" toilets should feel like "ordinary" toilets and have the same hygienic standard - therefore we only make toilets of real porcelain. We call them "smart" toilets. Smart because they are more efficient, more runaway and more environmentally friendly than other so-called alternative or "environment" toilets. Wostman is the Swedish toilet and environmental technology company in Saltsjö-Boo, which was founded in 1991. For us, our ambition has always been to lead the development of low-voltage and really environmentally friendly toilets.