15 EcoDry toilets - Arakan Nature Lodge (Myanmar/Burma)

Arakan Nature Lodge in Myanmar/Burma is a very special place. The decided to use the EcoDry toilets for themselves and all of their guests to get a convenient and comfortable toilet experience.

Info about Arakan Nature Lodge

Arakan Nature Lodge Project started coming together in 2012. Today we are a growing group of local and foreign friends sharing one common belief: There are healthy, more original and truly sustainable ways to be a beach tourist!

In 2014 we joined hands to build Myanmar’s first true eco lodge in Zikhone village. Even though our village is not part of a national park, South Rakhine’s nature is really impressive. It is blessed with assets like rivers, forest hills, mangrove areas, lovely, clean beaches and marine life. Moreover it is a safe area without any conflicts – and Rakhine an extremely hospitable people.

More how you can visit: https://www.arakannaturelodge.com/en
Blog post about Arakans toilets: https://www.arakannaturelodge.com/en/blog/luxury-dry-composting-toilets

See one of their EcoDry toilets in action here after about 9.15 in the video:

Facebook post about EcoDry.

Pierre Friberg