100 EcoFlush toilets collecting urine in Munksoegaard, Denmark.

In Munksoegaard in Denmark, we have been delivering EcoFlush trough the years on several occasions. Here you can see 3 versions of the EcoFlush that still are installed.

#Munksøgård is the name of an eco-village in the outskirt of the city of Roskilde located about 25 km west of Copenhagen, Denmark. The development that includes 100 row houses was established in 2000. The key idea behind the community was to create a development that integrates environmental friendly technologies and practices in the construction of the houses as well as in the operation. At the same time high priorities have been given to establish a strong community among residents supported by houses for joint activities, common areas etc. The residents have planned the development with assistance of professionals, and the residents are in charge of management of the settlement.”

Read more here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ecovillage-munksoegaard-collecting-human-urine-from-arne-backlund/?published=t&

If you have any questions about this installation, contact Backlund Ecology:
+45 60931453 / backlund@backlund.dk

Pierre Friberg