Dry toilets of ceramic

Benefits of choosing EcoDry dry toilet!

Ceramic as material is key - EcoDry is the hygienic and most sustainable toilet for holiday homes. Because it is made of porcelain, it is like a regular toilet - and is keeps much more clean and hygienic than plastic and other materials in the long term.

Urine diverting with optional flush - The urine diverting makes the feces dry and odorless. There is also a built-in water trap that is completely unique. The water trap makes it impossible for urine odor to enter the toilet space. Water is flushed in the urine bowl by connecting water (optional) or by pouring water by hand with a cup.

Invisible odorless waste - With a black long waste pipe, the waste is not visible. We recommend that a black 200mm polyethylene deposition tube be fitted in a custom length to an optional container. Polyethylene has a surface that does not adhere to dirt. On the container below, a fan must be mounted for the waste to dry out properly.

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There are many advantages to having a real ceramic toilet in the holiday home! The ceramic is much more durable than other materials such as plastic or the like. EcoDry stays fresh and clean for many years!